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The SISCweb library, source code, and examples can be obtained from the SISCweb project page. The latest release is SISCweb v0.5.

CVS Access

SISCweb development proceeds dovetail-style on two branches. Code can be checked out via CVS after logging in anonymously:

cvs login

To check out from the fix branch (rel-0-5-fix):

cvs -z3 co -r rel-0-5-fix -P siscweb

To check out from the development branch (rel-0-6-dev):

cvs -z3 co -r rel-0-6-dev -P siscweb

Fixes and minor enhancements are usually applied to the development branch first, and then progressively moved to the fix branch in preparation for fix releases. On the development branch, changes tend to appear steadily, with the occasional check-in of more radical enhancements.

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